• Never wash your kimono in hot water unless you want to shrink it.
    • Always flip your kimono inside out when washing in the washing machine. Particularly in coloured kimonos, this would help to maintain the kimono colour longer. Plus, it would be easier on the fabric.
    • If possible, wash your kimono separate from other clothes. This ensures that no other clothing can bleed onto the kimono.
    • If possible, wash your kimono with organic or non-bio detergent as this will minimize the chemicals interacting with the kimono fabric .


    • Never place your kimono in a tumble dryer as it will cause high levels of shrinkage and may cause the kimono to lose shape.
    • Allow your kimono to dry naturally (preferably in an open or windy area to ensure fast drying). You may blow dry your kimono with a cool fan if you want it to dry quicker.

      Shrinking Instructions

      1. To shrink your kimono for a better fit, wash your kimono at around 30-40 degrees celsius.
      2. Dry your kimono under direct sunlight.
      3. Repeat the above steps to shrink it more if necessary.
      • You may use a dryer to shrink your kimono but you are advised to check on the kimono every 5-10 minutes.

      We hope that our guide will allow you to get the most out of your kimono. This is not a definitive list of steps that must be strictly adhered to but it should point you in the right direction. Feel free to contact us at bowandarrowkimonos@gmail.com if you have any other queries on how to take care of your kimono.


      It is very common to find that your rash guards start to stink after a training session even though the rash guard is still relatively new. This could be due to a few reasons - the most common being the washing of your rash guard in hot water and leaving your rash guard in the washing machine overnight. To ensure that your rash guard does not stink after training, you should:

      • Wash your rash guard in cold water
      • Use baking soda
      • Use a generous amount of detergent
      • Remove your rash guard from the washing machine as soon as possible once the washing is complete
      • Air dry your rash guard in a well-ventilated area