At Bow & Arrow Kimonos, we're always open to sponsoring and supporting dedicated athletes to help them accomplish their goals. We have a limited number of sponsorships available - as such, Bow & Arrow athletes are not just any random practitioners who write in to us. We will only bring on athletes who we feel would be good ambassadors of our brand. To be considered for the Bow & Arrow Kimonos team, you must not only show us that you are a dedicated athlete but also that you love the Bow & Arrow brand and want to loyally represent us while training and competing.


    Our sponsorship program currently has two tiers – a full sponsorship and partial sponsorship. Fully sponsored athletes will be provided with Bow & Arrow Kimonos products on a regular basis at no charge while partially sponsored athletes will have access to Bow & Arrow Kimonos products at a discounted price and receive free products occasionally.


    Sponsored Athlete Requirements

    • Sponsored athletes are required to compete wearing only Bow & Arrow Kimonos gear.
    • Regular social media posts to promote our brand.


    Some factors for consideration include – how often you compete, your competition achievements/results, your social media presence/reach, and of course whether we have the budget to sponsor another athlete at the given moment.


    We would love to hear your story - share with us your goals, how you are working towards them and anything else that you would like to tell us. Feel free to send us pictures of you in training/competition as well!


    Email us at bowandarrowkimonos@gmail.com with "SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION" as the email subject.


    Please also provide us with the following information:

    • Your Jiu Jitsu belt rank and other grappling backgrounds (if any)
    • Your gym/affiliation
    • The division you usually compete in (e.g. Adult Male Purple Belt, Under 64 Kg)
    • Your notable/recent accomplishments
    • Your social media/website links


    While we may not respond to everybody who sends in their sponsorship application, please be assured that all applications are reviewed. Only shortlisted applicants would be contacted.